Hiking the 52 kms of the Lee trail in Luxembourg: best tips and hiking advice

In this post, we share our experiences and give you the best tips and advice on how to hike the long distance Lee trail in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is an excellent country for hiking. One of the most famous areas for hiking is the Mullerthal, but also the Lee trail is becoming more and more famous. The Lee trail in Luxembourg is the extension of the Eisleck trail in Belgium and both trails are recognized as Leading Quality Trails. The Lee trail is a long distance hike consisting of more than 60% natural paths, takes you through 16 nature areas and along 32 highlights. The typical signage of the trail makes it difficult to get lost. In this blogpost, we share our experiences and give you some tips and advice on how to hike the Lee trail in Luxembourg.

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sauer river lee trail luxembourg
The Sauer accompanies you along the entire Lee trail

Specifications of the Lee trail

  • Length: 52 kilometers
  • Height meters: 2000 meters
  • Hardness of the trail: A good level of fitness is required
  • Starting point of the hike: The official starting point of the Lee trail is Ettelbrück and the end point is Kautenbach. However, the trail can be done in the opposite direction as well.
  • Signage: The entire Lee trail is well-marked with the typical Escapardenne signage, in both directions. Along the way, different signposts indicate how far it is to the next village or viewpoint.
signage lee trail luxembourg
The blue-white signage along the Lee trail

How much time do you need to hike the Lee trail?

If you are in a hurry, hiking the Lee trail in two days is an option. Nevertheless, if you want to take the time to enjoy the scenery to the fullest, three days should be the way to go. Note that it is also possible to do just a part of the trail. Along the hike, you pass several train stations where you can take the train back to your starting point. And as a bonus, the public transport in Luxembourg is for free!

How to get to the start of the Lee trail?

The official starting point of the Lee trail is the General Patton statue in Ettelbruck. The statue is close by the train station of Ettelbrück. So reaching the starting point by train is relatively easy. If you choose to come by car, we suggest you to park your car at the parking lot right next to the Kautenbach railway station. There you can take the train to Ettelbrück to start your hike (as mentioned before public transport is for free in Luxembourg).

lee trail kautenbach railay station
Taking the train from Kautenbach to Ettelbrück is a perfect option to get to the starting point of the Lee trail.

The different stages of the Lee trail

There are different options to divide the Lee trail into different stages. The official stages of the Lee trail are:


  • Stage 1: Ettelbrück – Bourscheid-Millen (17,6 kms / 727 altitude meters)
  • Stage 2: Bourscheid-Millen – Hoscheid (19,2 kms / 850 altitude meters)
  • Stage 3: Hoscheid – Kautenbach (15,0 kms / 528 altitude meters)

If you decide to camp, these stages are less suitable as there isn’t a campsite in Hoscheid. Wild camping in Luxembourg is forbidden, and if you want to follow the rules, this means you have to end the second day in Goebelsmühle, situated 5 kilometers before Hoscheid.  We choose to stay in Goebelsmühle, so our stages were:


  • Stage 1: Ettelbrück – Bourscheid-Millen (17,6 kms)
  • Stage 2: Bourscheid-Millen – Goebelsmühle (14,2 kms)
  • Stage 3: Goebelsmühle – Kautenbach (20,0 kms)

Where to stay when hiking the Lee trail?

Below, we give you an overview of the places where you can spend the night when hiking the Lee trail, in line with the different stages of option 2. We suggest you to book upfront, both for the hotels as the campsites. Especially during peak season, the accommodations and campsites fill up quickly.



Hotel Herckmans – This hotel is situated in the center of Ettelbruck, close to the railway station and the General Patton statue, the start of the Lee trail. They offer spacious rooms and free Wifi and have a continental breakfast in the morning.

Check prices and availability: BOOKING.COM

hotel herckmans in ettelbruck luxembourg double room


Camping Ettelbruck – This campsite has excellent spots for pitching a tent and have a goodnight sleep. They have a bar and restaurant with terrace. The amenities are sufficient and clean. The campsite is located 2 kilometers from the railway station and the general Patton statue. So starting from this campsite will add to extra kilometers to your hike.



Cocoon Hotel La Rive – This hotel is situated at the banks of the Sauer river. There is even a spa, so the hotel can be an excellent place to recover from the first intense stage of the hike. They have a restaurant with a wide range of dishes. The rooms are modern and come with a private bathroom

Check prices and availability: BOOKING.COM

cocoon hotel la rive bourscheid luxembourg lee trail room
ocoon hotel la rive bourscheid luxembourg lee trail where to stay


Camping Bourscheid-Millen – A large camping near the river. Because of its excellent location, this campsite get’s very busy during the summer, so definitely book upfront. We saw different hikers arriving without a reservation and there was no space left for them. Flat areas that are excellent to pitch a tent. The campsite has a terrace where you can order a drink and order a pizza. In the morning, you can order bread. The amenities are a little bit old and there aren’t many showers nor toilets for such a large campsite.



Leaf du Nord – Not exactly a hotel but situated on the campgrounds of Camping du Nord (see below for a description of this excellent campsite). These cosy leaf-shaped huts are perfect to spend a night in comfort.

Check prices and availability: BOOKING.COM

tiny house leaf du nord lee trail luxembourg


Camping du Nord – definitely our favourite campsite along the way. This campsite is also located at the Sauer river. Our advice: try to arrive early at the campsite so you have the choice where to pitch your tent. Then go to ‘trekkersveld’ (hikers field) and go as close to the bridge as you can to pitch your tent. Having no tent at the left of you will make you have the best view of the campsite! The campsite has a splendid terrace and offer food (pizza, Thai food, French fries) during high season. In the morning, they sell different types of bread. The amenities on this campsite are modern and clean. Again, we recommend you to book upfront.

sauer tent camping luxembourg
Room with a view!



Hotel Huberty Kautenbach – This property is situated in the center of Kautenbach. They offer simple and clean rooms with a private bathroom. The perfect place to take a rest after your hike!

Check prices and availability: BOOKING.COM

hotel hubert kautenbach lee trail luxembourg


Camping Kautenbach – This campsites offers spots next to the river and has a terrace where you can order food and drinks.

Best things to see

Around every corner of the Lee trail is something to see. Below, we just give an overview of the best things to see according to us.

Day 1 – From Ettelbrück to  Bourscheid-Millen

  • The Patton statue – This statue is the official starting point of the Lee trail. Before you start your first climb of the day, the square is definitely worth to take a look at.
  • The bridge in Erpeldange – this bridge gives you the first views over the Sauer river, the river that will accompany you the entire time during your hike.
  • Predighstuhl (pulpit) – after a steep part, you arrive at this spot, where you have a wonderful view over the meandering of the Sauer river.
  • The fields with the wind mill – You’re over halfway for the first day and during a sunny day, this plain is an excellent spot to have lunch.
  • Viewpoint Gringlee – This viewpoint is located right before the final descent of the first day. It gives views over the most beautiful meander of the Sauer and Bourscheid castle.

Day 2 – From Bourscheid-Millen to Goebelsmühle

  • Napoleonsknäppchen – This viewpoint, located at the highest point of the Lee-trail (505 meters above sea level) is the home of a lonely tree. This tree was planted in 1811 for the birth of Napoleon’s son. The tree was chopped down during World War II, but afterwards a new tree was planted.
napoleons knapchen lee trail luxembourg
This tree stands on the highest point of the Lee trail.
  • Rouschteschleen – These rock formations are also called ‘the finger of God’. During the hike, you walk in between these rock formations
  • Hotel-restaurant Dirbach plage – This hotel can only be reached via a small bridge and is built against a rock formation. It’s the perfect place to have a break and drink something on the wonderful terrace of this hotel.

Day 3 – From Goebelsmühle to Kautenbach

  • MolberLee – This magnificent ridge gives you the feeling you are hiking in the mountains.
  • Burnt forest – Along the way, you pass a ridge where there was a bush fire a couple of years ago. The burnt trees give this landscape a mystic look.
  • Viewpoint Hockslay – Near the end of the Lee-trail, there is signage to the viewpoint Hockslay. Take the opportunity to enjoy the views before starting your descent to Kautenbach, the endpoint of your hike.
burned trees lee trail luxembourg
The burned trees along the Lee trail give the landscape a mystic vibe!

What to take with you?

Your packing list will of course be dependent on whether you stay in hotels or decide to camp. Below, we give you an overview of the essentials you should take with you when hiking the Lee trail when camping.

We hope this post gave you all the information you needed for hiking the Lee trail. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

Happy hiking!

Matthias and Mieke

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