Hi, we are
Mieke & Matthias

Since 2016 we run this travel blog called Pack to life. Because every time we pack our bag we feel alive!

We love to document our travels and share our experiences with other like-minded travelers. 

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Who's Pack to life?

who is mieke from pack to life


My first travel memories were made in Switzerland. At the age of 6 I caught the "travel microbe" thanks to my parents. Soon, I expanded my horizons to neighboring countries to other continents. During our world trip in 2016 I discovered my passion for writing informative blogs and sharing our knowledge and experiences with other likeminded travelers. What I love the most about traveling? Time seems to be slowing down, because you have so many impressions in one day.

who is matthias from pack to life


I’m raised in a beautiful rural town among endless green fields and babbling brooks. This is probably where my love for unspoilt nature was born. My mother always told I was a very enthusiastic and curious kid. And as of today, I still am! Discovering and learning new things is what I love the most. From website building to travel planning, from photography to videography. I’m a happy kiddo every time I learn or experience something new. What I love the most about traveling? It broadens your world!

What's in a name - where does the name pack to life comes from

What's in a name

Somewhere in a cozy café in Laos Matthias looked at our camera bag and realised that this backpack wasn’t just for carrying gear. It is a backpack that brings our travels to life.

And that’s the moment we decided to call our blog ‘Pack to life’. For us those three words carry a lot of meaning: the idea that a backpack has the potential to give you so many extraordinary travel experiences. 

Because every time we pack our bags, we feel alive!

Frequently asked questions

Do you live from your blog?

No, we work fulltime from 9 to 5. Mieke works at the Flemish government and Matthias is a head nurse in a daycare hospital for oncology. Within our fulltime job, we carefully plan our holidays so we can explore new places to the fullest. And in between our holidays, we love to share our experiences on this travel blog. 

What is your travel style?

No doubt we are independent travelers! We love to explore places at our own pace. Because we travel a lot, our travels are (most of the time) budget friendly: we prefer a cozy B&B or a camping ground above luxury hotels for sure.     

What's your favorite destination?

That’s a though one! In our opinion every country and region has something to offer that is extraordinary. And how to decide if you haven’t seen the entire world yet. But for now, one of Miekes favorites is Oman. A favorite of Matthias is Chile, with its diverse and stunning landscapes. 

What camera equipment do we use?

As we love to document our travels, we invested a lot in our camera gear over the years

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