Travel memories… how to keep them alive?

How can you keep travel memories alive? In this blog post we give you ideas on how to create a traveler's home with souvenirs you brought from abroad.

Maybe you remember your history teacher telling you about how nomadic people decided to settle at one place and how they established civilizations. And even when you are traveling for a longer period, you cannot prevent history to catch up on you. Every world traveler returns home at a certain moment, being it for different reasons. You miss your friends and family, money runs out, a new job opportunity is waiting for you and so on. Back to some kind of settled life… Some of us adapt really well, others experience difficulties to adjust. But one thing is for sure: There will be plenty moments you’ll miss being on the road. To make sure you do not drown in nostalgia, we listed 5 ways to include your travel memories in your home. After all, coming home in a house full of travel memories does give you the feeling of still being abroad.

Money, money, money…

Traveling is studying the exchange rates of money so you exactly know how much this plate of pad thai or burrito will cost you. But traveling is also being amazed about the foreign money and the beautiful colors and pictures on it. So why not decorate a wall with your favorite foreign paper money?

A great way to do this is by framing your money.

travel memories foreign money
Framed foreign money to decorate your walls

Another way to recycle foreign money is to glue a magnet on one side of a coin. That way, you have personalized fridge magnets with lots of memories.

travel memories fridge magnets coins
Personalized fridge magnets with foreign coins

Travel pictures of course! 

Traveling means taking pictures… hundreds or even thousands of pictures! Unfortunately, in this digital era, the fate of photographs is that they are stored on a hard disk, and only in rare occasions visited by their owner to relive that perfect moment on that perfect beach. But your pictures should get more attention, because aren’t they not a perfect snapshot of your travel memories?

The best way to share your travel memories with others is with a photo album. Whether you choose for a traditional photo album where you glue each photo separately in your album or you choose for the different lay-out possibilities of a digital photo album is your own choice.

For our Dutch and Belgian friends: there are a lot of companies offering photo albums. We already compared companies for you and Fotofabriek is our favorite one. They offer excellent quality for a very decent price.

travel memories photo album
Photo albums are the best way to share your memories

Another way to keep your travel memories alive is by making one picture the eye-catcher in your house. Just choose your most loved picture and make a poster or canvas of it. The picture below was also ordered at Fotofabriek.

travel memories large photo
Your favorite picture as an eye-catcher in your home

Sending postcards to yourself

We’ve send a lot of post cards to family and friends, and every time we saw a special post card we wished we received that card ourselves. So why not just quit the envy and actually start sending travel memories to yourself? You can write about memorable places, experiences or even add a small drawing to it.

With these 5 ideas, we hope that we gave you some inspiration to keep your travel memories alive and on how to create a traveler’s home.

And our final advice. The best way to keep travel memories alive? To keep on traveling and make even more travel memories! So pick a good destination and go make some memories!

Thanks for reading!

Matthias and Mieke