The 7 best nature spots in Jutland in Denmark

Denmark has some excellent nature spots. In this blogpost we share our favorite natural attractions in South, Central and North Jutland in Denmark.

When taking the ferry from mainland Europe to Norway, you sometimes have to traverse Jutland in Denmark. And although you are probably in a hurry to visit the wonderful things Norway has to offer, we recommend you to spend some days in Jutland in Denmark as well. And if you are planning to spend an entire holiday in there, that’s even better! In this blogpost, we share our favorite nature spots in Southern, Central and Northern Denmark.

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1. The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea is an important habitat for many birds, fish and other sea creatures like starfish and mussels. It makes up a large part of the west coast of Denmark and is definitely a great nature spot to visit. We particularly enjoyed our time on the island R⌀m⌀. Because the island is connected with a 10 kilometers long access-road, the drive itself to the island is already worth it. At S⌀nderstrand you not only have great view over the Wadden Sea but you can also watch the kite-buggies crossing the beach. Another fun thing about S⌀nderstrand is that you can park your car right on the beach, resulting in excellent vanlife photos!

beach parking wadden sea denmark
Our van Brutus was parked on the beach at the Wadden sea

Where to stay to visit the Wadden Sea National Park?

Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B – This excellent B&B is located 2 kilometers from S⌀nderstrand beach and is a perfect starting point to explore the region. To enjoy the outdoors, the property has a garden, sun terrace and barbecue facilities. In the morning you can enjoy a healthy breakfast.

2. The Lake District Denmark

Situated in the east of central Denmark, the Lake District is home to many dazzling lakes, surrounded by sensational hills and forests. The main cities in the Lake District are Silkeborg and Ry. Besides enjoying the shores of the many lakes and other nature spots, we highly recommend Himmelbjerget (translated as sky mountain) near Ry. Starting from the car park a short, but beautiful trail takes you to the highest point in Denmark (147 meters above sea level). At the top you can even climb the tower to enjoy amazing views over the region.

misty forest lake district denmark
The misty forests near the lake district make this region one of our most loved nature spots in Denmark
view tower himmelbergjet lake district denmark
Splendid views over the region from the tower at Himmelbergjet

One of our best experiences in the Lake District was taking a swim in one of the lakes. Nothing beats a swim in a natural pool! Definitely one of the best places to do this is ⌀stre S⌀bad at lake Alminds⌀. This lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark and at ⌀stre S⌀bad you have some wonderful wooden piers to give access to the water. Next to that, there a facilities like a shower and dressing rooms. And the place is also a perfect nature spot for photography!

jump in water lake district denmark
Nothing beats a swim in the purest lake in Denmark!

Where to stay to visit the Lake District?

Near Ry

B&B Gl. Rye – This B&B offers a room in Gammel Ry, not far from Himmelbergjet and is a perfect starting point for trips in the region.

Near Silkeborg

B&B The Old Chestnut Tree Silkeborg – This wonderful B&B is centrally located in Silkeborg and has a beautiful walled garden. It’s only a short walk to the city center.

Villa Søholt – Silkeborg Bed and Breakfast – This new B&B in Silkeborg is the perfect accommodation to explore Silkeborg and the lake district. The property has a terrace and barbecue facilities.

3. Rebild Bakker 

The Rebild Bakker Ruten is known as one of the best hikes in Denmark and achieved the certificate of ‘premium hiking trail’. The 10,8 kilometers long trail takes you through the purple heathlands of Rebild National Park and through the Rold forest, with its oddly-shaped trees. The trail starts at Rebild Porten and parking is free. At this parking, you can find a tourist information center and public toilets. Although were convinced that this park is worth a visit in every season, the best time to visit Rebild National Park is August, when the heather is blooming and the hills are covered in purple.

purple hills rebild bakker denmark
The flowering heath colors the hills purple in Rebild Bakker

Where to stay to visit Rebild Bakker National Park?

Comwell Rebild Bakker – This hotel is situated next to the Rebild National Park and is therefore  an excellent starting point for your hike.

4. Rubjerg Knude 

Rubjerg Knude Fyr is probably the most photographed lighthouse in entire Denmark. The lighthouse is completely surrounded by sand and it shows how powerful and turbulent nature can be! The sea moved inland and shifting sands and coastal erosion would cause the lighthouse to disappear. To prevent this, the tower was moved 70 meters inland. According to the calculations, the lighthouse is safe until 2060. A wonderful lighthouse in a great nature spot in Denmark!

rubjerg knude fyr denmark
featured image blog nature spots denmark

Where to stay to visit Rubjerg Knude?

Hotel Løkken Strand – The town Løkken is a charming fishing village and a popular seaside resort in summer. This hotel is definitely the perfect starting point to go to Rubjerg Knude Fyr and to enjoy the wonderful beaches in the area.

Great tip for vanlife

We found one of the best camping spots ever nearby and it took half an hour to reach the lighthouse by foot. A perfect morning stroll! Look for Hjørring, 70 Mårup Kirkevej on Park4Night.

parking camper denmark
Enjoying the view from our camper parked near Rubjer Knude Fyr.

5. Den Tilsandede Kirke (buried church)

Same as Rubjerg Knude, this church could not resist the forces of nature. Only the tower of the church is still visible, whilst the rest of the church is covered by sand of the nearby dunes. From the parking nearby, it’s a 400 meters walk on a sandy path before you reach the church.

buried church denmark
The tower is all what’s left from Den Tilsandede Kirke

6. Rabjerg Mille 

Staying within the same topic, Rabjerg Mille is a sand dune of 1 kilometer wide and 1 kilometer long. This sand dune is migrating, meaning that it moves every year around 15 meters towards the top of Denmark. Once it passes a certain region, it takes about 40 years for trees to reappear on this stretch of land.

rabjerg mille nature spot denmark
Tons of sand form the migrating dune Rabjerg Mille

7. Grenen 

Grenen is situated in the upper North of Denmark. At this beach, two seas (Skagerrak and Kattegat) meet, which is clearly visible by the waves of both seas that bump in to each other. It is a protected area and you have a high chance to spot seals bathing in the sun on the beach.

sunset grenen beach denmark
Enjoying the sunset at Grenen beach

Where to stay to visit Den Tilsandede Kirke, Rabjerg Mille and Grenen?

Skagen Hotel – This hotel is situated in Skagen and offers rooms with a seating area and private bath room. The Buried Church is only a 5 minute drive away.

Jerup Bed & Breakfast – This B&B is the perfect starting point to visit the upper North of Denmark. The B&B offers clean rooms and a breakfast in the morning.

We hope you have all the inspiration you need for a visit to wonderful Jutland in Denmark. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

Happy travels!

Matthias and Mieke

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