Things to see and do in Baden-Baden Germany

Discover Baden-Baden, a charming town in the south-west of Germany. In this post we to share the things to see and do in Baden-Baden Germany.

Baden-Baden is a charming town in the south-west of Germany, in the popular Black Forest area. It’s a historic spa town with many famous visitors: Napoleon III, Victor Hugo, Queen Victoria and Marlene Dietrich all bathed here. We had an amazing time in Baden-Baden and are happy to share the best things to see and do in Baden-Baden Germany.

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The Casino of Baden-Baden Germany

You can’t miss the casino of Baden-Baden, it’s definitely a must-see! Even if you don’t really like gambling and casinos, we do recommend the tour that is organised outside the ‘gambling’ hours of the casino. The casino had an important role in the history of Baden-Baden and played host to many celebrities and royal families. During the casino tour, you learn interesting facts about the history, the different games and wonderful rooms inside the Baden-Baden casino. Marlene Dietrich declared that the Baden-Baden casino is “the most beautiful casino in the world”. We definitely agree. Definitely bring a visitt to the casino and admire the decadent red interiors and sparkling chandeliers!

Decorative chandeliers in baden-baden casino
The decorative chandeliers in the casino of Baden-Baden Germany


  • Location – The casino is located in the city Kurhaus, not far from the Lichtentaller Allee.
  • Cost – A tour in the casino costs € 6 per person. You can book in advance via the website of the casino.
  • What to wear – No specific dresscode is required for the tour. However, a dresscode applies for the entrance to the casino in the evening.

The Merkur mountain railway 

Merkur means Mercurius in German. It is the name of the landmark mountain in Baden-Baden Germany. There is an excellent hike to the top of this mountain starting from the parking lot of the valley station of the Merkur railway. It is a 4 km hike all the way to the top, and you can go down with the Merkur cable railway. Or the other way around, it’s what you prefer! At the top of the mountain, you have beautiful sights over the Baden-Baden area.

The Merkur mountain Railway
The Merkur mountain railway with its steep inclines

The funicular was re-opened in 1979. The railway is 1200 meters long and is one of the longest railways of its type in Germany. It has inclines between 23% and 54%. You shouldn’t miss it when in Baden-Baden Germany!


  • Location – The valley station is located at the eastern end of the Markgrafenstraße. The way to the Merkurbergbahn is also well signposted. You can easily reach the valley station from the town center by taking either the 204 or 205 bus.
  • Cost – A one-way ticket down is € 3, a one way-ticket up costs € 6.
  • Vanlife tip – The parking lot at the valley station of the Merkur railway makes an excellent, quiet and safe camping spot when visiting Baden-Baden with your van/camper.

The Pump Room

The Pump Room is another thing to see and do in Baden-Baden Germany. It is an architectural masterpiece, with its 16 Corinthian columns and its striking murals. In the middle of the Pump Room, free curative mineral water gushes from a faucet. Some say it’s Baden-Baden’s elixir of youth.


  • Location – The Pump Room is located on the right of the casino (Kurhaus), not far from the Lichtentaller Allee.
  • Cost – There is a free entrance to the Pump Room.
Entrance of the Pump Room in Baden-Baden Germany
The magnificent entrance of the Pump Room in Baden-Baden Germany

The Roman Bath ruins 

Already in ancient times, the curative effects of the Baden-Baden water were well-known. In the Roman Bath ruins museum, you can admire the 2000 year old bath ruins. To get a good understanding of these baths and their history, you can either take a guided tour or rent an audioguide.


  • Location – The museum is located underneath the Römerplatz. You can reach the entrance via the Steinstraße.
  • Cost – The entrance to the museum is less than € 5.

The Friedrichsbad 

You cannot visit Baden-Baden, without visiting one of the spas in town. An architectural gem is the Friedrichsbad, also known as the Roman-Irish baths. The building dates back to 1877 and the interior is breathtaking! The Friedrichsbad is modelled around 17 stations, ranging from ice baths, different types of saunas and thermal pools. A very relaxing and unique experience!

The building and entrance to Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden Germany
Mieke entering the Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden, looking for relaxing bathing


  • Location – The Friedrichsbad is located above the Roman Bath ruins at Römerplatz 1.
  • Cost – The cost for an experience with 17 stations with soap and a brush massage in the Friedrichsbad is € 39.
  • What to wear – Keep in mind that the baths are textile-free (i.e. nudist baths). If you don’t like to walk around in your birthday costume, we suggest to visit the Caracalla spa instead, where swimwear is allowed in different areas. More information can be found on the website of the Friedrichsbad and the website of the Caracalla spa.

Museum Frieder Burda 

The museum Frieder Burda is a museum for modern arts and was build to preserve the private collection of Frieder Burda. The building was drawn by the architect Richard Meier.


  • Location – The museum is located in the Lichtentaller Allee.
  • Cost – An entrance ticket for the museum costs € 14.

Lichtentaller Allee  

This historic park and arboretum is perfectly suited for an afternoon stroll, where you can admire the beatiful greenery and many fountains. The 2,3 km long avenue takes you to different monuments from the Belle Epoque, like the Pump Room and the Kurhaus. Definitely something you should put on your list of things to see and do in Baden-Baden Germany.


  • Cost – Strolling on the Lichtentaller Allee is completely free of charges!
bridge across river in Lichtentaller Allee
One of the many decorative bridges along the Lichtentaller Allee

Where to stay – the best hotels in Baden-Baden Germany

Batschari Palais Baden-Baden

The Batschari Palais in Baden-Baden Germany is close to the city center, only a 10 minute walk to the Kurhaus and a 10 minute walk to the Frieda Burder museum. It offers elegant rooms and suites. This is definitely the best hotel in Baden-Baden if you want to enjoy some luxury and enjoy the spa facilities.

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batschari palais hotels baden-baden germany where to stay room
batschari palais hotels baden-baden germany where to stay double room

Maison Messmer

The wonderful hotel Maison Messmer is located next to the Kurpak Baden-Baden and the Baden-Baden casino. The rooms are elegant, wompleted with a stylish bathroom, a balcony or terace. Some of the rooms offer splendid views over the city. You can also enjoy exclusive spa facilities here.

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maison messmer hotel baden-baden where to stay elegant room
maison messmer hotel baden-baden where to stay view from roo

Holiday Inn Express Baden-Baden

The Baden-Baden Holiday Inn is located a 15-min walk from the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. The hotel offers elegant rooms with airconditioning. As this hotel has a private underground parking, it’s an excellent choice if you are travelling to Baden-Baden by car.

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holiday inn baden-baden germany where to stay hotel room
holiday inn baden-baden germany where to stay hotel bar

We hope you enjoy your time in Baden-Baden. If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!